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Checkpoint Systems is the world leader in merchandise  availability solutions in the retail sector, including loss-  prevention and merchandise visibility.


Checkpoint provides end-to-end solutions that enable  retailers to achieve better inventory accuracy in real  time, speed up inventory replenishment cycles, prevent  mismatches and reduce theft, thereby improving the  availability of goods on shelves as well as the customer  experience.


Solutions are based on 50 years of experience in the  field of radio frequency technology, innovative anti-theft  and loss prevention solutions, market-leading RFID  hardware and software and full tagging capabilities, that  label, protect and track merchandise from the source to  the shelf.

Integrated Solutions
A unique set of capabilities delivering a fully integrated solution
Solutions that work together
Checkpoint’s solutions work synergistically to bring value to three vital areas of Retail: Security / Merchandising / Logistics
  • RFID Labels and readers.
  • In-store RFID and Supply Chain specialists.
  • Solutions for merchandise visibility.
  • Solutions for fresh food management.
  • HALO Subscription.

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  • Personalised labels and tags
  • Printing centers
  • Traceability
  • At source application

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Checkpoint’s Alpha High-Theft Solutions brand provides the most  innovative and technically advanced products engineered to protect high-  theft merchandise. Any theft is unacceptable.

  • Security for high-theft risk items.
  • AM, RF, RFID and dual-use technology.
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