Qubino smart home solutions are the smallest Z-Wave devices in the world with the easiest and quickest installation possible. Our technology delivers superior comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Beyond that, we bring fun, luxury and new experience in our customers’ homes.
Innovation and simplicity define our team.

Our goal was to offer an affordable smart home solution, that everyone could easily install and use in their homes. By developing a whole range of wireless smart home devices, that enable you to control your electronic devices with your smartphone, we managed to bring the advantages of this prospective technology in many homes around the world.


Till today QUBBINO have developed 15 Z-Wave smart home controllers, 7 of them are unique worldwide. We continuously upgrade our portfolio of smart home solutions with new and unique innovations. Looking into the future, your home will become smart and intuitive. It will recognize each one of your family members, their habits and anticipate their needs. Qubino solutions are tailored to become part of your family and simplify your everyday life. With Qubino home automation living in your home will become more comfortable, energy efficient and safer.
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